As a subject matter expert in Identity Governance Administration (IGA) with 10+ years of experience, I am ready to offer several advisory and professional services to my clients, which includes the following:

Costidity™ Measurement:

  • Explore the probability of your people subverting the system
  • Discover deviations that are occurring
  • Determine the current Costidity score for policies within your organization
  • You will receive a full Costidity report

Costidity™ Measurement and Analysis:

  • Building upon the measurements taken, we go over the full-length Costidity report with you
  • We help you see where Costidity exists within your systems and how it can be lowered
  • You will have a full picture of Costidity
  • Provide action steps for lowering Costidity

Costidity™ Measurement, Analysis, and Mitigation:

  • Full-service Costidity package
  • Not only do we measure Costidity and analyze the report with you, we work side by side with you to mitigate and lower Costidity within your organization
  • Implement a specifically designed Costidity plan
  • At the end, the organization will be ready to look for ways to prevent high Costidity scores within future policy

In addition to Costidity services, our team has over a decade of experience providing IGA solutions including:

  • Connected Identity Evaluation service
  • Select IGA solution service
  • Business IGA package service
  • IGA training service

I have offerings available by day, by hour, and by project.

If you are a vendor or a consultant and would like to include Costidity™ analysis and mitigation within your own business, contact us at: