The Cost of the Human Factor in IT Security and Identity, Governance and Administration (IGA)

As a mathematician with a heart and leading consultant in IGA, I’ve developed the methodology for how to deal with that.

IGA was born of this fact: if people need rights to do their jobs, then companies need a system to manage those rights.

Costidity™ is a way of measuring the cost of the human factor within IGA and IT security. By taking a people-centric approach to security we can predict the likelihood of individuals deviating from the policy.

Mobile workforces, cloud and BYOD have changed everything. These three elements have amplified the human factor. Sameness of systems no longer works.

Rather than a technocratic solution to the human factor, I focus on mitigating Costidity™ – the cost of curiosity and policy deficiencies. Costidity™ is a new way of managing the human factor by using mathematical equations to predict behavior.

If you can predict curiosity and policy deviations, you can minimize deficiencies from IGA while finding the right balance between reducing risk and creating more connected and productive people – and enhancing your reputation as an innovative leader.